MLB and MLBPA Licensing

Monday, July 13, 2015 at 1:14:00 PM

Lately, we've had a few questions regarding how not having a MLB or MLBPA license will affect the success of the game. 

Allow us to answer this very important question in the form of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) from where it originated on our website (q.v.).

QUESTION: I've noticed that you don't have licensing from the MLB or MLBPA. How will this affect Roll Saga Baseball? Is there a possibility of the game being shut down?

ANSWER: By First Amendment right, Roll Saga Baseball can, as any other fantasy baseball league or game, use content such as player names, stats, and team names.

The US Supreme Court decided that player names and statistics are public domain and are readily accessible by the public: baseball has always been called the National Pastime, for example, and the court said that

The information used in baseball games is all readily available in the public domain, and it would be strange law that a person would not have a First Amendment right to use information that is available to everyone. (United States Supreme Court)

In Roll Saga Baseball, we do not use MLB or MLBPA logos, nor do we use player pictures or any other trademarked, copyrighted or restricted asset. We take great effort in ensuring that all game components are legally sound. Please see the following United States Court case in which this issue was decided:

United States Court of Appeals FOR THE EIGHTH CIRCUIT Nos. 06-3357/3358

Also, check out this excellent article if you are interested in acquiring more information without the legalese:

No Ruling Means No Change for Fantasy Baseball Leagues (New York Times) 

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