Beautiful Blog Template: Straight Out of the Box

Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 6:32:00 PM

We're big fans of ready-made solutions when it comes to technology. Who hasn't spent hours (or days) fiddling with this or that physical or virtual gadget- trying to get it to work? Sometimes in vain.

So we'd like to say that even with web-design and development backgrounds, we are huge fans of websites and services out there that give you everything you need to get started on whatever internet road you decide to set your sights on - regardless of the project. Having a technical background can help, but it's not always a prerequisite.

By example, we've always loved Bootstrap for its quick, easy, responsive, and open-source platform. And now we can say that we've found another solution for "need it in a hurry, like, yesterday."

ThemeXpose, the creators of this template that we used for our blogger platform, is truly awesome as a modern, sleek, and fast solution for those who need to set up easily without sacrificing the aesthetics. We've added these guys to our already burgeoning Ready Made List: just after Bootstrap and right before Ramen noodles.

Thanks ThemeXpose. Great job. We hope that a lot of people see your work as a result of seeing us.

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